One Day Tours in Machu Picchu, Cusco and Vicinity

One Day Spiritual City Tour of Cusco

Sachsaywaman, K’enko, Templo de la luna, K’usilluchayoq

Early in the morning we connect with the energies of this sacred site in order to have a profound understanding of the cosmovision of the incas. We’ll visit various centers of power in our tour connecting the past with the present. Includes services of mystic guide, sound healing and meditation.

One Day Spiritual Connections Near Cusco

Tipón, Killarumiyoq

Early in the morning we’ll connect with the sound and energy of the waters to clean body, mind and spirit.
In the afternoon we’ll visit Killarumiyoq and the ancestral temples to connect with the female energy of the moon and to do a further cleansing with aromas of the Andes.

Machu Picchu One Day or Two Days

We wake up early to receive the first light in Machu Picchu and visit the Crystal City with Sun Temple, Three Windows, Seven Windows, Inti Watana, Temple of Condor to make deep connections in each one to understand of the dimensions of the Andean cosmovision. The tour includes mystic guide, cleansing with condor feathers, meditation with Andean flutes, and a ceremony to empower your intention for your life.

Guide Fee Only***

$120 1-2 travellers, $150 3-4 travellers / Day

Optional San Pedro Ceremony $70/person

***Does not include travel, hotel, entrance fees, etc.