Jesus Eagle

Jesús Eagle, a native shamanic healer from Cusco Peru, has been studying the Andean/Incan spirituality and wisdom for the past 19 years. Through his studies with his Andean teachers, he has learned to use the energies of the forest to balance the body, how to carry out healings with sacred stones, connect with the spirits of the mountains, and how to connect with the spirits of the medicine people, and natives of both South and North America.

Mystical/Spiritual Tour Guide

He has worked as a mystical/spiritual tour guide for almost 20 years, guiding people from all over the world to Machu Picchu and other sacred power places around Cusco and Lake Titicaca. He is grateful to be able to share the ancient and profound knowledge and wisdom of the ancestors of his native land. Jesus is also an accomplished musician specializing in Andean and Native American instruments for healing.

Healing Services

  • Sacred healing ceremonies
  • Sound healing with sacred songs (icaros) and various Andean and Native American instruments
  • Guided shamanic journeys to Sacred places
  • Traditional Andean offerings to Mother Earth (Despachos)
  • Cleansing (personal, home, office) with Andean incense, feathers, sacred stones and power sticks
  • Sacred Coca leaf & corn kernel readings for divination
  • Diagnosis and cleansing with eggs
  • Intuitive Native Tarot readings
  • Inca meditation
  • Blessings for your life’s path and welcoming new babies