Shamanic Journeys with Jesús Eagle


Day 1 Seven Lakes – K’usilluchayoq

In the morning a visit to the Seven Lakes. This temple was dedicated to the knowledge of the universe in different levels by the highest priestesses.
We’ll do a meditation, a connection with the Earth, the Spirit of the Place and the Elders with sounds of whistles, water and Andean flutes.

After that we’ll walk to another sacred place named Amaru Markawasi, temple of the wisdom or temple of the moon. Here we do a deep connection through the silence with Mother Earth. We offer our prayers with Koka leaves accompanied with shamanic songs.

Day 2 Saqsaywaman

We’ll visit Saqsaywaman and the Second Royal House of the Sun, this temple was dedicated to the expansion and development of the spiritual life of the Inkas. We shall also explore the various theories of its construction and the science, technologies and tools behind it.

Then we shall visit the rest of Saqsaywaman and its various temples, such as the Eye of the Puma, Temple of the Condor and the Altar of the Puma, etc.

Day 3 Killarumioq – Chinchero

In preparation of our visit to the Moonstone temple we’ll do a cleansing with the aromas of the Andes. There we’ll explore the secrets of the Inka Astronomy.

After that we are ready to visit some other temples to make a connection with the Creator with a visit to a cave with ancestral paintings.

In the afternoon a visit to Chinchero. There we shall explore the Inka writing on the stones and visit a sacred rock, which was dedicated to the Inka astronomy and connection with cosmos.

Day 4 Pisac – Ollantaytambo

In the morning we’ll visit the Pisac archeological site making connections with the surrounding Sacred Mountains with meditation about life and death.

In the afternoon we go to Ollantaytambo to pay respects to Tunupa, the wise man of the mountain, who taught the humanity to live in peace and harmony and in full connection wit the universe. Then we climb to the Sun Temple to feel and to understand the codes and symbols of this place, finishing with an exploration of the Ollantaytambo area.

Day 5 Ollanta – Machu Picchu – Mandor Waterfalls

Travel to Machu Picchu. After settling in our hotel, we’ll walk behind Machu Picchu for approximately an hour to Mandor Waterfalls. There we do a ceremony with the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air in for our spirits to connect. This is perfect preparation for the following day for Machu Picchu.

Day 6 Machu Picchu

We wake up early to receive the first light in Machu Picchu and to go to the Crystal Temple, Sun Temple, Three Windows, Seven Windows, Inti Watana and the Temple of the Condor to make deep connections in each one and to have an understanding of the levels and dimensions of the Andean Cosmovision.

In the afternoon we return to Cusco.

Day 7 Tipon

In the morning we shall make a connection with the origin of water in Tipon. Through a ritual healing with water we’ll find out how the water of life transforms each human being.

Day 8 Cusco – Pukara – Puno

We leave early in the morning towards Puno and Lake Titicaca. Two hours before Puno we’ll arrive to Pukara, where we connect with one of the Pre-Inka cultures.

Here we can get a feeling of the spiritual technology and science of our ancestors. We do a ceremony with the momias of Pukara and visit a very special museum to further expand in our appreciation of the ancient wisdom.

In the afternoon we arrive to Puno.

Day 9 Sillustani – Willka Uta

In the morning we’ll visit Sillustani burial site where we can connect and make a ritual with the spirit of the magnificent lakes.

In the afternoon we go to Willka Uta, an interdimentional doorway. Here we do a deep meditation sharing and exchanging experiences and insights.

Day 10 Puno – Cusco

On the way to Cusco we’ll visit two museums: \Museum Waro where we shall see Inka writings and sacred meteorites and \Museum of Andawaylillas, where we can see with our own eyes a very controversial skeleton/momia currently under debate and study to determine if it is a baby or extraterrestrial.

Day 11 Qorikancha, Cusco

In the morning, to conclude, we visit one of the most sacred temples of the Inkas, Qorikancha, the Temple dedicated to Cosmos. Here we can see how everything is connected and how in this central temple, we also can come to our very own center and apply everything we have learnt in our journey.